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beagle pups

The beagle has gained a lot of popularity as a family dog, counseling dog and child dog. These small, cheerful dog wins throughout the world by human hearts. In America, the beagle already one of the most loved dogs. Children can easily keep him on a leash, even though he would still sometimes behave headstrong. The beagle is affectionate, loyal, tolerant of other dogs and always up for games and silliness.

He has a lot of exercise because he could earlier this regard enjoy good as herding dog for hunting rabbits and hares. In England, the beagle was bred in the 15th century for the purpose of hunting small game. Reportedly the beagle would have been among the favorite dogs of Elizabeth I (1533-1603).

About the origin and descent with precision not much more to say. The beagle comes in two varieties: normal beagle, with a shoulder height of about 38 cm, and the dwarf beagle, which is up to 33 cm high.

usually the beagle coat is tricolor black-white-red, but can also be two-tone or plain. The tail should always be white.

Training your beagle

The education of each pup takes time and patience, regardless of race. However, a beagle is not difficult to educate than many other breeds. One must take into account the hunting instinct and the independent nature on the one hand and the social nature on the other, making it more intensely present in the family.

He is very intelligent and soon by whom he gets the most benefit. It is necessary in the family to be mutually respected and strict agreements on education. A gentle but consistent hand in combination with a healthy dose of humor is the message.

Are you looking for more information on training your Beagle? Please check our beagle educate page.


Size: ca. 38 cm

Weight: 10-18 kg

Color: tri-color white, black, red, even two-tone or solid


The beagle is a friendly, enthusiastic dog. Which in many books on beagles as “cheerful” described dogs are generally friendly and not aggressive or shy. They love human companionship and although strangers sometimes initially reluctant or barking meet, they won quickly. This makes beagles hand not good watchdogs, but they can scare her attackers because of their typical beagle barking.

Beagles can be very good with children and that’s probably the main reason that they are more and more households have changed in recent decades. Beagles attach much to their owners and can get separation anxiety when they are to be left alone for long.

Beagles are intelligent dogs, but very deliberate and stubborn. This makes parenting often difficult, but the stubborn character gives educators generally have fun. Beagles listen generally good, but there is little need to be done to divert their attention.


Do not underestimate this little dog is not. He needs a lot more exercise than most people think.

The Beagle has to lose its energy. It is wise to make regular long walks with him.

Please note that you stand him well appeal if you want to let him go. He is sure he is known as a scent he tracks down following his nose and run away on their own will.

It is wise that you your garden well fenced so that he can not take his legs. I myself have a beagle and he literally jumped through the fence if he wanted to go somewhere behind. Even though he is full of scratches, the Beagle has a very high pain threshold and will separately go through thorns if necessary.

Did you know that the Beagle is most widely used for illegal animal testing its high pain threshold.

Beagle pups for sale



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